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Art & Caricatures

Hi, I'm Tersh Ronalds

I am Tersh Ronalds. I do caricatures. Over the past 30 years I’ve worked as a fine artist, sign maker, house painter, and now caricaturist.

For a large portion of that time, my work has been devoted to art of one form or another!

If you want to get a funny, amazing, ridiculous drawing of your kid, significant other, or yourself, get in touch!

You can view examples of my work below, or check out My Facebook Page to see more.

This is what I do

You sit for me, and I sketch then ink an exaggerated portrait. Just like ancient royalty!

Sketch Your Face

I start with a sketch and then ink. I put lines on paper to make an animated likeness of your awesome, ridiculous, beautiful face!

Color & Family

At your request, I can add additional features like additional family members, couples, and full color, for a bit more.

Want a Digital Version?

If you want a digital image instead, I can email one to you for a minor additional fee at a later date! Just ask!

Drawing with love

I enjoy drawing and creating caricatures for you, and want you to enjoy them too, so if you have any further questions, just contact me!

Be drawn as your favorite superhero or making sweet dunks as a sports legend or maybe a mad scientist.
See caricatures like that

My Process

Here is an overview of how I make each unique drawing.


  • Pencil in your face
  • Ink in bolder lines and objects
  • Color in the background & surroundings
  • Add finer details like freckles, or maybe a unicorn


  • Full Color-stick color
  • Additional Family members
  • Frames
  • Larger Canvas sizes for your wall

Above & Beyond

  • Digital version emailed
  • Physical version snail-mailed


Here are some examples of my work.


Individuals and couples that I drew.

Mad Scientist with brand new idea
Coworker with full color
An IT Manager in color
Coworker Sat for me
Power couple full color, 2-person draw
Baby 7 2 year old baby
State Trooper stopped by
Patricia Heaton Celebrity Draw
Prison Guard Gave him rays to make him radiant

Contact Me

Please provide a good quality image of the face you want caricatured.

Email me: tershronalds@gmail.com



Call me: 585 297 5132

585 297 5132

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